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Cinematic instrument based on feedback between my seed mixed with microbes (living in in local water reservoir), flower and voice-music performance. USB microscope will generate details of movement inside of view area and those digits will be injected into the PureData software, and next transformed into sound. Plants electric field will be mesured by the analog digital converter in laptop and also transformed into sound. Both impulses will be used to control the specific functions of the image like effects. On the stage the music performance artist will connect his human voice with output of the music created by the seed and microbes movement and we can hear the same what can “hear” the microbes because sound will be transformed into electromagnetic waves and these impulses influencing the microscope observed field will influence also microbes. We let the microbes to feel the same music not only through the sound as air vibration but we will stimulate the dance of the small life forms by the electric field, visible on the screen. Music will become the universal language of the affective communication between the species. Communication between so different lifeforms like humans and for example amoeba.