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The Crystal World: Algorithms, Inhuman Speed and Complexity.

The Crystal World: Algorithms, Inhuman Speed and Complexity.


Rob Myers reviews an experimental exhibition by Martin Howse, Ryan Jordan and Jonathan Kemp. As they recrystalise the mineral content of computers with a Ballardian twist in "The Crystal World" at The White Building in London, walking distance of the 2012 Olympic stadium in post-industrial, post-regeneration London.


"Our contemporary technological society is founded upon computers that are highly ordered sets of minerals. The Crystal World sets out to stem the flow by reversing the action, and extracting the minerals to build its own systems. The exhibition followed on from a 5-day intensive public laboratory, extracting minerals from computers and re-crystallising them through experiments. The exhibition took the experiments from the laboratory as base creations, as the starting point for a living experimental exhibition."