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'Born in 1987: The Animated GIF', Marc Garrett interviews Digital Curator Katrina Sluis

Marc Garrett interviews Katrina Sluis, the new curator of the Digital Programme at The Photographers' Gallery, London.


We discuss about the gallery's recent show 'Born in 1987: The Animated GIF', and what kind of exhibitions and projects to expect from the gallery in the Future.


"Why look at animated GIFs now? They are one of the first forms of image native to computer networks making them charmingly passé, a characteristic that gives them contradictory longevity. Animated GIFs crystallise a form of the combination of computing and the camera. As photography moves almost entirely into digital modes, the fascination with such quirky formats increases. The story of photography will be, in no small part, that of its file formats, the kinds of compression and storage it undergoes, as they in turn produce what is conjurable as an image." Matthew Fuller.

Katrina Sluis is an artist, curator and academic based in London where she teaches digital media at London South Bank University. She was recently appointed the first Curator (Digital Programme) at the Photographers’ Gallery, London. Her writing has been published in journals including Photographies, Philosophy of Photography and ArteEast. Her research is concerned with materiality, archiving and transmission in relation to the photographic image and she is currently working on a chapter for the (forthcoming) second edition of Martin Lister's The Photographic Image in Digital Culture.