The Peace Learning Archive in OKINAWA

We launced The Peace Learning Archive in OKINAWA.


The Peace Learning Archive in OKINAWA lets its users to read 20 testimonials by survivors of the Battle of Okinawa, and to view 182 photographs and archived maps. Several digital archives are multi-layered on the Google Earth map to facilitate multilateral and comprehensive understanding of the Battle.

The Peace Learning Archive in OKINAWA is a culmination of the creation methods of “pluralistic digital archives” established with the workings of the archives related to Nagasaki, Hiroshima, and the Great East Japan Earthquake. Information regarding time and space are supplemented to all of the testimonials and photo materials and it allows the user to freely move about in the skies of Okinawa in the 1940s for a deeper understanding of the actual circumstances of the Battle of Okinawa. The website is devised to allow the user to view the video and text for each of the testimonials. Additionally, photo data are carefully laid out and arranged to replicate as precisely as possible the conditions at which the photos were taken. We hope that the visitors to the website will take the opportunity to view our archives and retrace the steps of the days past and walk through memories that shall not be forgotten.

- Prof. Hidenori Watanave, Faculty of System Design
Tokyo Metropolitan University