Mystical Conjoined Twins Tour + Film

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After a successful European Tour, the Sisters of the Lattice will travel from Pittsburgh, PA to the West Coast this May, spreading their unique hybrid of techno-mysticism and silicon crystal therapy between the skyscrapers, rest stops and cornfields of America. On the way they will be creating a beautiful 30-minute video myth inspired by Jodorosky’s Holy Mountain, and available for distribution in the Fall of 2012. Visiting cities like Chicago, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, Denver, Portland, Los Angeles, they will search for those characters and places visualized in a shared dream.

The Sisters of the Lattice are traveling performers who address contemporary worship of technology with a thoughtful, yet playfully ambivalent tone. Their approach to spirituality is admittedly performative, but simultaneously deeply sincere. They believe in the deep energetic exchange between humans—to which technology can be an asset or hindrance—and this, above all, is what they provide in their sessions.

For a video recap of the European Tour, please see:
There’s not much time left in the Kickstarter campaign to fund this journey. If you are interested in this project, please consider contributing whatever you can; the incentives offered are one-of-a-kind!

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