PILGRIMAGE 2004 - An American Demoparty!

Pilgrimage, Inc., a non-profit corporation of Utah is proud to announce the second annual PILGRIMAGE 2004 - An American Demoparty, taking place in Salt Lake City, Utah, September 17-18th.

Celebrating art in technology, the PILGRIMAGE 2004 DEMOPARTY is an exciting two-day event which serves as a virtual honey pot for software programmers, digital graphic artists and electronic musicians; professional an amateur alike. Artists from around the world travel to compete in the main events of the festival, the "compos", in categories such as: real-time 3d animation (demo), still image pixel graphics, graphics made from ASCII text characters (textmode), electronically composed and tracked music, and several other live "fast-made" competitions; where participants must create their entries on the spot, live at the party place while passing spectators watch. Over $6,000 in prizes were awarded to winners of the various competitions last year.

For more information regarding this event, please visit http://pilgrimage.scene.org/.

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Pilgrimage Inc., is a non-profit corporation formed to educate the general public in the use of real-time computer graphics as a medium of creative expression. Through exhibits, seminars, public events, and the internet we educate the general public and raise awareness of demo-scene art and culture.

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