sound piece currently broadcasting...

Sound Art Radio in Dartington, UK are currently broadcasting ( I think until tomorrow) "Winter" a section from a generative/database sound installation I made with ninety 4-5 year old children in a West London school in the Summer of 2008.
All the performances, text and music are by the kids.
They played hocketted hand chimes, thumb pianos, single string fiddles, 'whirly tubes' and created short texts.
I subsequently manipulated these and they are called in as loops, in a sort of "controlled random" way into a continuously unfolding ever changing composition which runs as an exe file from a PC.

The broadcast can be heard here:

click on listen!


, Mary Hull Webster

Michael, what an exquisite piece, in every way. Mary

, Michael Szpakowski

thank-you Mary!

, Michael Szpakowski

I should have said in the original post that I did this project as the education arm of without whom, and particulalrly without Ruth Catlow, it wouldn't have happened.
The funding came from the former West London Creative Partnerships, now 'A New Direction'.