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-empyre- moderated by melinda rackham, is an arena designed for the
discussion of media arts practice and theory. athough -empyre- is an
international list. It first evolved to address the gap in the australian
regional online terrain after the decline of the "recode" list,
presenting a companion list to "fibreculture."

-empyre- will regularly invite guests in the fields of media arts
practice, theory, curation or administration to discuss thier particular
areas of expertise, publications, zines and creative projects. The first
guest from 15 January 2002 will be Ollivier Dyens http://www.subtle.net/
empyrean/empyre/dyens.html from Concordia University in Montreal,
Canada, curator of "Metal and Flesh" website
http://www.metalandflesh.com, who will discuss his new book Metal and
Flesh, which deals with the technologically induced transformation of
our perceptions of the world and the emergence of a cultural biology. In
March 2002 Anonetta Ivanova from Viscopy in Sydney, Australia will
discuss legal, financial and copyright issues for artists who work
digitally and/or online. Further guests will be advised in the coming

-empyre- is now open for subscription, is available in raw or digest,
and is archived online. -empyre- is not an announcement or self
promotion list and the moderator reserves the right to unsubscribe
anyone consistantly disregarding these guidelines.

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