Norwegian New Media Art Scene

3 most important institutions for New Media Art in Norway are:

Kunstakademiet i Trondheim (KIT) has a dep artment for INTERMEDIA

The important guy there is Jeremy Welsh. He has just applied for a
professorate at the National Academy of Art in Oslo.

Atelier Nord
My good friend Kenneth Koorstad Langaas works there.
He came with me to Japan this winter, and we were all around.
He is making a very nice web-art project with a lot of humour for
Gallery GUN in Oslo these days on 'Ladies Underwear'.
Ill give you the adress as soon as its open.

A group of artists work on a CD-rom project at Atelier Nord,
I also take part in that. Kenneth administers the whole thing.

Henie Onstad Art Center - Electra Exhibition

I have a new studio with 7 powermac workstations. Besides doing my own
artprojects here, I have collegue artists and researchers visiting me to
work here, and I give courses in "Kunst(=art) og Computer" and CU-SeeMe
for students from 9 - 70 years of age. I will be connected to the
Architect Dep at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburg this evening
with a group of girls/women. I have plans for building a communication
center/ new media art center here out in the wilderness of West Norway.
I work with two architechts in Oslo on that project, the ANNO, Lars Erik
Nordland and Evelyne Anderson. It develops very slow at the moment,
there are many obstacles in the local village, but also much support.

And here the adress to the most frequent visited - Fenris its called and it is situated at the Oestfold
College, established by Borre Ludvigsen <> and now run by
one of his students Halvor Kise <>.

Borre will be appointed professor at the Oslo School of Architecture
next week - the 18th. I am on the PhD program for fine artists,
planners, designers and architects at that school. And if he takes the
job he will build up a very exciting department for IT there.

That will have to do for now.
warmly Vigdis