discord / sabotage of realities

discord. sabotage of realities. - week of visual arts Hamburg 1996

All interested artists are invited to participate by sending their concepts
to Hamburg. A panel of artists and critics will review the concepts sent and
decide which projects may be realized. Those invited will be assisted
financially in the realization of their works.

We are looking for aesthetic positions that discuss or have a critical look
at the private, social and political realities we have created for
ourselves, realities people live, fight and die for. We are looking for
projects that question the usual, that pick on things often left unseen,
that irritate our sense of being bogged down in unchangeable situations.

The exhibition will be divided into six zones, which compose the structure
of the show. Artists may choose to orient themselves around the following
loose themes:

* control
security / insecurity

* news services

* everyday life

* border politics
walking the tightrope

* government power
law, discipline, repression

* science fiction and economy
the administration of the future

Artistic media is open: performance, operations with existing realities,
working models on the interface between art institutions and the public
realm, multimedia artworks.

locations: Kunsthaus and Kunstverein Hamburg

application deadline: August 31, 1996

Dates of exhibition: Nov 19, 1996 - Jan 20, 1997

concepts for artworks - please in relatively small format - to:

un-frieden. sabotage von wirklichkeiten
Rutschbahn 37
D-20146 Hamburg
Tel/Fax: ++49-40-410 49 37
e-mail: 106032.2574@Compuserve.Com / inke@is.in-berlin.de
URL: to be announced

Supported by Kulturbehoerde der Freien und Hansestadt Hamburg.