Art Dirt

The Program is called Art Dirt. It is on the Pseudo Radio Network http:// It uses Real Audio for the sound digitizing & playback. It is live
streamed 1pm-2pm on Fridays. After that the shows are archived immediately &
put up on the site. In order to listen you have to have a Real Audio player. You can
get this by going to the real audio website and downloading it or you can click on
the icon that says Real Audio on the front page of the Pseudo Radio Site
Once you get connected you go to Art Dirt and click on
the current show icon. If you come online during the show it may load
automatically when you hit the front page. If you are having trouble connecting try
two things

1) try the URL
2) try again because hi demand may jam the lines. If you are unable to get through
try again later. The shows are immediately archived and put up for you to hear.

Problems: call pseudo at 212-925-7909 and ask how to connect to the Art Dirt.