Fundacion Gugg und Chaim, first international art salon

Fundacion Gugg und Chaim, first international art salon

The exhibition is a collective work of net art, where artists throughout the world will send us digital pictures, those will be printed on size A4 using ink jet, and exhibited on the night of 17th April 2003, from 8pm up to 12pm. After this time the digital pictures may be taken home by the public, it is a free ticket event. All the selected images will be published on a blog, so then can be appreciated and open to interactive commentaries. The exhibition will be at Fundacion Gugg und Chaim.

The art salon, is a proposition for an exhibition in this art foundation, that through the net seeks collaboration with many artists from all sort of territories. The objective of this art salon is to make possible an international exhibition with many different tendencies of the contemporary and different approaches from many parts of the world, side by side on the Fundacion and in the internet, in the blog, that suggests the start of an international talk among artists from every part of the world, like a small forum of debate, sharing experiences and ideas.

The Fundacion Gugg und Chaim, will work only for a few hours, in a location that is a car repair shop, in Lapa, Rua da Lapa 254, a traditional area of Rio de Janeiro, owned by Mr. Gilson Nascimento Silva, who will one of the judges of the salon. On the weekends the garage is the place where his daughter plays with her rock indie band.

We intend to get integrated within the ambient of the Fundacion, and to adapt contemporary art on the ambient of the garage. On the night of the exhibition, after twelve o’clock there will be some indie rock bands, in the garage – gallery. We are expecting the presence of locals also.

How the salon will work:
We will be receiving digital pictures as jpeg and gif, via internet only, and they will be printed by a ink jet printer, on a4 size – 25X20, 20x25, and the selected ones will be exhibited on the walls of the Fundacion at the time mentioned just above, the prints will be given to will be given to the guests of the salon. The digital pictures will be displayed on the blog for as long as possible. Every artist can contribute up to 3 images each.
We are considering on a limit of at least 500 images, and kindly ask that each image doesn’t exceed 100kb. The images should come with a brief text with the name of the artist and nationality, any personal information that is felt relevant may also be sent. Also a non descriptive text on each picture, this text is not required, more on that at the bottom.* The texts are accepted in any language, but we would appreciate if you could send also an english version of the text. The texts will be on the blog with the correspondent image.
We will also be exhibiting video art in a few TVs, if you have sent any video to us please tell which video you want to exhibit, if you did not then please email us for information.

What to do to participate:
Just send your personal data with a maximum of three digital pictures of 100kb each, also send texts which are relevant to the images, for information or des-information. Please send the material, or your queries to the following emails: , or , or .

Theoric points:
The objective of the salon is to establish a flux of knowledge among different geographies, materializing this flux for a few hours in a small physical space, and making it disappear just afterwards, the action will be documented in video.
All the costs of the printed material will be borne by the administration of the salon, we, the limitations of the ink jet process is part of the idea, of having an uniform output and embracing precariousness, and also privileging the circulation of knowledge and ideologies of the contemporary.

* Regarding to the texts that are optional and may come with the image, they will be exposed with the image at the blog, they may explain the work, or may mislead the interpretation of the work. The juxtaposition of text and image is a common trend of blogging and we decided to incorporate that trend.

To see the images of the Fundacion go to: