Digital Chaos: thank fuck it's the future

Slacker cyber conference - four days of digital delirium,
beer, shouting, art, writing, bombastic_argument

WHEN: May 30th - June 2nd 1996
WHERE: Hub Interc@fi, Walcott Street, Bath, England.
TEL: 44 1225 427 441
EMAIL: johanna nicholls

We have the tricknology to incite fuelled discussion during
DIGITAL CHAOS - a gathering of active minds, a battle to
fight, some beer, indoor and outdoor locations. It is
planned that - over the dinner table, on the dance floor,
in the park and in the pub garden - some of the greatest
Net minds from the response underground will find time to
argue bombastically with each other. The conclusions and
planned projects drawn from such informal encounters will
then be brought back in to lecture theatres, board rooms,
multiplex conference centres, websites, and film sets of
the world for development and inception. It will be a clean
fight between the innocent body and the 'civilised' mind.

Speakers so far include:
AKKE WAGENAAR Quite A Portrait & SCUM Manifesto - Raw men, cooked women.
HEATH BUNTING: Performance: 'Pleasur and Presence'
KATHY RAE HUFFMAN: Presentation: 'Siberian Art Deal Project'
MATT FULLER: Presentation: 'i/o/d - Handling MultiMedia'
PICTORIAL HEROES: Presentation: Victims of Geography
DREW HEMMENT: Hosted Discussion: 'What became of the Parasite Electric?'
PIT SHULTZ/GEERT LOVINK: Chaired Debate: 'zk Net Criticism'
ALESSIO QUARZO-CERINO: Presentation and Panel Discussion: Cynical Comsuming'
JAMIE LEVY: Presentation/Rant: 'Electronic Publishing in NY's WWW Hellhole'
PAUL BIRKELAND-GREEN: Hosted Discussion: 'The Future of Computers - The Human/Robot Interface'
MARC GARRET: Talk: Reclaiming The Artist's Identity
ANALOGUE JOURNEYS: Text Readings and Poetry by various writers, artists, poets and supermarket assistants
PLUS other unknown stragglers.

TEL: 44 1225 427 441
email: hub intercafe
or Johanna Nicholls
the hub interc@fe
the bell pub
103 walcot street