Art Dirt event/ party/


This is to announce the opening of "Location One", a new international
art center in downtown Manhattan. A preview for this new venture will
be held from Wednesday, November 20th through Saturday, November 23rd at
the loft headquarters of Josh Harris' Pseudo Programs, 600 Broadway -
5th Floor, at the intersection of Houston and Broadway [New York]. It
will feature visual art by the Austrian-American artist, Wolf-Dieter
Stoeffelmeier, video installations by United States artist, Angie Eng
and digital prints by cyber-artist, G.H. Hovagimyan and a live internet
event by Floating Point Unit.

There will be an opening party on Thursday, 21 November from 6 PM to 10
PM at Pseudo which will be broadcast live from the studio, beginning
with G.H. Hovagimyan's weekly program, Art Dirt.

This will be an opening that absolutely insists on the intention of this
new venture to maintain a constant stream of performance art and music
in the exhibition space. It will be a night of mind-bending talent.

Claire Montgomery, formerly of the Institute for Contemporary Art, has
created this organization for the promotion of international
contemporary art. It has exhibition centers in various locations around
the world and intends to sponsor one or more moveable annual art events.

The primary exhibition center will be in New York City and will be known
as "Location One". It will present work from the U.S. and several other
"Locations" at any given time (both visual art and performance to be
included). The network of exhibition spaces currently includes New
York and New Mexico in the U.S., Germany, Italy, and Spain in Europe,
and is hopeful that Thailand and Taiwan will soon be added.

Each location will show its own countrymen and one or two other
nationalities depending upon their facilities, and each location will
send artists to the New York exhibition center and to the annual events
to be held in different parts of the world, which will also be attended
by important critics and thinkers.