installations, video and CD-Rom on exhibit

14th WORLD WIDE VIDEO FESTIVAL: 26-30 April 1996

Installations, video and CD-Rom on exhibit in the Haags Gemeentemuseum

The festival will focus on the achievements of media art in the widest sense;
drawing attention to new developments in international media art; the
critical consideration of the place and possibilities of media arts;
publicizing new productions both to the general public and to the artistic
world; the provision of opportunities for artists to illustrate their work
and to dialogue with each other and with the general public; the stimulation
of interest in media art; the provision of a meeting place for artists,
distributors, curators, programme compilers, television directors, press,
producers and public.

The fourteenth World Wide Video Festival will present around 15
installations and more than 100 video and CD-Rom productions, lectures,
performances and interviews. The festival will be held at various locations
in The Hague. Haags Gemeentemuseum (installations, video tapes and CD-Rom),
Theater aan het Spui (performances, auditorium presentations, viewing on
request, CD- Rom, interviews), World Wide Video Centre (Priva-Lite projection,
installations, projections) and the Atrium of the Town Hall (installation).
The installations, video tapes and CD-Rom in the Haags Gemeentemuseum will be
exhibited in various rooms in the Museum for five weeks after the opening of
the Festival (from 26 April through 2 June 1996). There will also be another
'Academy Day' for the audio visual departments of the High Schools for Art.
This will be held on 26 April 1996. Recent interest in media art generated
through CD-Rom and the internet will be represented in the 1996 edition.

For more information about the programme and the selected productions, as
well as previews of video and CD-Rom and for illustration material, please
contact Antoinette te Paske, or Sonja van der Burg.

tel: +31 70 3644 805
fax: +31 70 3614 448
e-mail: [email protected]