Corpus Delecti at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London

ICA Live Arts announces two new seasons of work which may interest you.

On the first weekend of November the ICA is running a series of
workshops that are intended to explore the possibilities of going online
and chinese poetry entitled Chinese Online. It is part of a continuing
commitment to contemporary chinese culture that will be maintained
throughout 1997. There is a multilingual website at which features chinese poetry in
text and audio form. This will grow over the next year and become the
vehicle for projects that attempt to link chinese artists practising in
Britain with artists in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

ICA Live Arts has focused on performance practices that have emerged
from diasporic or marginalized communities with the Digital Slam event
of 1995 and a number of performance seasons such as Respect, More
Respect, etc. (see further details at

This November sees the launch of Corpus Delecti, a major season of new
Latin American performance, taking on sex, food and the body politic and
looking at the cultural, political and religious forces which shape the
continent's sensibilities. This has been curated by Coco Fusco and will
also feature a one day conference. There are further details at

Those who missed the textuality season can listen to some of the
performances at You will
need a copy of shockwave however.