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The following was posted to the Board at Rewired, and I thought I'd pass
it on:

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Posted by: Igor Stromajer on September 10, 1996 at 04:50:47 PM PDT:

INTIMA Virtual Base / Creative Intimate Laboratory

Thank you very much for all informations and pleasure that we had found
on your web site. It's great and fascinating. Thanks again.

You are kindly invited to visit us:

You can take part in our new performance "BE.YOND" via internet. Please
visit our "Take part in…" page (under "Performances" - "Be.Yond").

You are also invited to visit our new WWW project named "0.HTML"
[zero.html] under "Projects" - "WebArt", or direct URL:

Related links are updated - visit our "Links" page (under
"Communication" - "Links"). Special recommendations:
a) HILUS [] …and it's links…
b) KIBLA [] …and it's links…

In 3 weeks time there will be a new INTIMA art-photo gallery available
in our Virtual Base - new photos by Bojan Golcar, entitled "BODY." Those
excellent photos were made in Golcar's studio in Maribor with a well
known dancer Mojca Kasjak. Don't forget to visit it in October '96.


We wish you all the best for your personal work and life.

Thanks again,
Igor Stromajer