The Incident 1996

One month to go before THE INCIDENT
at the ICA, London, England October 11-15 1996.


THE INCIDENT is a major encounter between artists, technologists and
visionaries exploring phenomena as a significant part of contemporary
culture. Conference (Oct 12-13) speakers include: Roy Ascott, internet
pioneer; Pablo Amaringo, Peruvian shaman and artist; Beata Bishop,
Jungian psychotherapist; Robert Bauval, author of The Orion Mysteries;
Vicki Cooper, Editor of UFO (US) Magazine; Michael Heim, author of The
Metaphysics of Virtual Reality; Eduardo Luis Luna, author of Ayahuasca
Visions; Linda Montano, performance artist; Jeremy Narby, author of Le
Serpent Cosmique; David Peat, author of Blackfoot Physics, Kathleen
Rogers; artist working with consciousness and technology, Serena Roney
Dougal; author of Where Science and Magic Meet; Connie Samaras, artist
dealing with UFO abduction; Richard West and members of The Shamen.
Installations by James Turrell and Kathleen Rogers. Performances by Anne
Bean and Linda Montano.

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