— April 27-30, 1997
— Providence, RI

Extended abstracts due: Sept. 25, 1996
Acceptance notification: Nov. 11, 1996
Final papers for Proceedings due: Dec. 18, 1996

The focus of the symposium will be on the frontiers of real-time,
interactive 3D computer graphics and multimedia. The symposium will
consist of formal paper sessions and hands-on demonstrations where
research groups and vendors will demonstrate leading work in their
field. Topics of interest for technical sessions and demonstrations

* innovative human-machine interface paradigms for navigating, working
and playing in complex, real-time graphics environments, including
virtual worlds, web-based systems, and visualization systems;

* high-performance 3D graphics architectures, hardware, and software for
interacting with virtual worlds and teleoperation systems;

* novel sensory I/O devices for "seeing, hearing and feeling in the
virtual world";

* perceptual and psychological issues regarding multimodal interaction
and operation in complex virtual spaces;

* interactive model building tools for shaping, building or sculpting of
objects, and the interactive assembly and manipulation of systems of

* languages or APIs for specifying geometry and behaviors for
interactive and network based applications;

* algorithms for animating complex reactive characters; authoring tools
for constructing reactive models;

* interactive simulations distributed over local and long-haul networks;

* software for representing, designing, visualizing and interacting with
complex geometry, structure and behavior.

Extended abstracts 3 to 5 pages long describing original work should
reflect the contents of the final paper and the symposium presentation.
Accompanying video tapes, where appropriate, are strongly recommended.
Performance claims should be supported by actual measurements. Full
explanations of any special techniques necessary to achieve real-time
picture generation and display should be provided. Abstracts should
clearly state what has been achieved and how this makes a contribution
to the state-of-the-art in interactive 3D graphics.

The program committee will review the abstracts and notify the author(s)
whether the paper will be accepted as a short or long paper, and whether
the presentation will be short or long. Short papers will be 4 pages;
long papers may be up to 12 pages. Short presentations will be 15
minutes; long presentations will be up to 25 minutes.

Attendance will be limited to 250 participants. Places will be reserved
for up to 50 students at reduced registration rates.

Sponsored by ACM SIGGRAPH


Submit 5 copies of an extended abstract by 5:00 PM EST, Sept. 25, 1996
David Zeltzer
1997 Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Room 36-763, 50 Vassar Street
Cambridge, MA 02139
Tel.: (617) 253-5995
Email: dz@vetrec.mit.edu
(No fax or email submissions accepted.)

Requests for registration forms and information should be emailed to:
Lisa Manekofsky
Dept. of Computer Science
Brown University
Providence, RI 02912
Tel.: (401) 863-7654
Fax: (401) 863-7657
Email: ljm@cs.brown.edu

Symposium Chair:
Andy van Dam, Brown University

Program Co-chairs:
Michael Cohen, Microsoft
David Zeltzer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Program Committee:
Kurt Akeley, SGI; Fred Brooks, Jr., University of North Carolina; Ingrid
Carlbom, AT&T Bell Labs; Ed Catmull, PIXAR; Frank Crow, Interval
Research; Jessica Hodgins, Georgia Institute of Technology; Fred Kitson,
Hewlett Packard; Marc Levoy, Stanford University; Dan Ling, Microsoft;
Peter Schroder, California Institute of Technology; Susumu Tachi,
University of Tokyo; Michael Zyda, Naval Postgraduate School