1996 International Symposium on Electronic Art


The Seventh International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA96) will take
place September 16th to 20th at the World Trade Centre in Rotterdam,
Netherlands. A three day scientific conference, preceded by workshops
and tutorials, composes the core of this year's symposium. Prominent
scientists, artists and technologists from all over the world will
discuss the newest developments and possibilities concerning electronic
art. Participants will see, hear and experience a great variety of
electronic art including the exhibition "Mental Cyborgs," the Electronic
Theatre, concerts, and performances.



The International Symposium on Electronic Art is interdisciplinary in
structure. Because of this, a platform will be established for
cooperation and discussion between artists and scientists. The nature of
this discussion is both specialized and general and includes subjects
such as computer graphics and animation, electronic and computer music,
video art, interactive installations, and research and development of
new media. Also included will be the more traditional art forms in which
electronics play a significant role.


The ISEA symposium is a Dutch initiative, beginning with ISEA88 in
Utrecht and ISEA90 in Groningen. Since then, the symposium has been in
Sydney, Minneapolis, Helsinki, and Montreal and has grown into the
largest, most important annual international meeting in this field. The
call for participation has produced over 700 proposals globally. These
have been evaluated by an International Programme Committee and several
local commissions.



*Stelarc (Australia), "The Future of Networked Art" (speaker)
*Rich Gold (USA), "Technology as a Common Language between the Art and
the Sciences" (long paper)
*Norie Neumark (Australia), "A Shock in the Ear: The Aesthetics of Sound
in Multimedia Interactives" (long paper)
*Lane Hall and Lisa Molina (USA), "What's so hard about Hardcopy"
(poster session)
*Josepha Haveman (USA), "Bridging the Gap (Education as a way of
bridging the gap between artists and technologists)" (round table)
*Michael O'Rourke (USA), "Introduction to three dimensional Computer
Animation: 3-D Studio" (work-shop and tutorial)
*Mari Kimura (USA), "Virtual Soundscape: Violin and Virtual Reality
Sound Environment" (tutorial)


For more information on the ISEA symposium, the preliminary program and
subscription, please visit our web site at http://www.eur.nl/ISEA96.
Telephone (or fax) is 31-10-4778605; email is ISEA96@hro.nl.