'Insite' interactive art event

Call for participation.
21.07.96 - 27.07.96 inclusive.
'Insite' interactive art event.

excerpt from Insite's website:

By passing visual material between
participants for manipulation, alteration
and addition which is then returned for
further deliberation and work, a visual
dialogue will be created.

The event will involve pairs of image
makers working simultaneously at several
locations worldwide. Each pair of
participants will send, receive, manipulate
and return images in order to
communicate issues exploring the chosen

Due to the fact that one pair of participants have had to drop out at
somewhat short notice we require two more participants to work at one
workstation preferably outside the UK. We would particularly welcome
participation from women artists in order to maintain gender balance.
The event requires participants to collaboratively produce and exchange
images over a seven day period. If you are interested in being involved
please e-mail Terry Taylor and Phil Smith at:
watershed@online.rednet.co.uk or the project coordinator Peter Ride:
peter@artec.org.uk as soon as possible.

Full details will be sent to you
as soon as we receive your e-mail address.

Details of this project can be accessed at: