excerpt of recent writing re. "Can you Digit?"

Aesthetic Foundations of the Arts

With Can You Digit? as the title of the gallery exhibition, the general
audience is actively addressed and presented with two bifurcating
questions. The first, queries the audience as potential users of digital
computers and through a kind of poetic license, transforms the adjective
digital to the verb digit. Can You Digit? The second level of the inquiry
is directed at the appreciator of art works and specifically these
computer art works. Can You Dig[ ]it? The use of the term dig it
temporally locates and references the concurrent development of the
digital computer with the 1950's slang proclamation "dig it!" In either
case, the playful use of the language employed in the title has both a
corny and poignant texture. Nonetheless, one wonders, as these questions
are raised now, albeit, creatively, if the local art world (or better
said, art city) has been completely distilled in a myopic Ludditism from
which it is just beginning to stir from unconsciousness into
preconsciousness. This is in no way a slight to this show, (which seems
to be very well appreciated by computer artists and appreciators alike),
but one wonders, "Why now?" – "Why so late?" while also murmuring "Finally!"

If one were to look at the breath of computer arts over the last thirty
years, this show would represent a small sliver of that spectrum. But a
sliver that one is grateful to see in a conducive public viewing space…