thinkin about The Thinker

Mary-Kay Lombino wrote:

I checked out The Thinker. Nice graphics, pretty useful for a San Fran.
visitor, but it's missing a contemporary element. I tried to search
Nayland Blake, an important S.F. living artist. Not listed. For 60,000
listings, why not him? I wonder what the criteria was, maybe Museum
collections, which is way limited. Take it from me, I work within the
institution and know how stale the air gets in this building at times.
Good thing I don't live here.

Robbin Murphy responded:

At this point they've only put up works on paper that are usually in
storage. From what I understand they plan to put put everything from
both museums up eventually. They probably have a great deal of paperwork
to do for copyrights on contemporary pieces because the right to
reproduce is still held by the artist or their estate and they have to
grant permission.