The Vibe at RHIZOME

In Reference to the post by Arno Coenen & Rene Bosma about their Live

Quite frankly I find it incredibly disingenuous to mention the amount of
money spent on any art project. Especially when most artists struggle
along from day to day often working at other jobs to pay for their
creative endeavors. I notice that on the RHIZOME list we are all asked
to contribute our thoughts in an open discourse without remuneration. I
also know that it is helping to create value for RHIZOME. This I do
gladly. I feel that artists should be judged on the quality and clarity
of their work and not their ability to find funding. I also, and in
particular, disagree with art projects that promote or focus on life
style. I do however agree with the idea that ALL ARTISTS should be paid
simply for being artists.

On a larger level, European governments tend to support their artists.
In America the situation is quite different, what little funding does
occur is being severely curtailed and there is a movement to eliminate
funding for individual artists altogether. Let me put it another way,
the United States government would not give me and a life partner twelve
thousand dollars to live in Amsterdam for six months and shoot a film
about my experiences.

I wonder about the idea of coming to New York in general. Why is that?
Is it because this city is the de facto cultural capital of the world
(as I speak with incredible chauvinism and my tongue in my cheek).

I will however apologize to Arno & Rene and the list in general if my
comment, "I wish someone would pay me twelve thousand dollars to live in
New York," has offended them.

I have not seen the Live Diary project and indeed when I tried to go to
the link posted I received an error message. Perhaps the project is not
up yet. Let me say again to Arno & Rene and the RHIZOME list that I
apologize if I have offended you.