Mobius Circus

Gusztav Hamos, the well known Hungarian born TV, film and video maker –
he has lived in Germany since childhood – brought his new computer
generated installation work MOBIUS CIRCUS to EMAF. Originally presented
in Budapest at the Butterfly Effect (connect to, MOBIUS
CIRCUS was a visually stunning space that attracted the public to enter
into an interactive experience. Installed in the darkened chapel, we
were happy to meet Gusztav again in Osnabrueck. His installation
provided an issue related focal-point for discussion about the body in
cyberspace. In the context of EMAF the real/virtual cyberbody was a
headline topic, with performance demonstrations by Stelarc, the
Argentinean group de la Guarda, and VIRTUAL PAIN from NVA's Graham

In talking to Hamos, pop~TARTS discussed intimacy, identity, and how we
establish our sense of self, as well as the personal connections we make
in a room full of people. His installation provided a clear opportunity
to visualize the theoretical positions on identity, and personalized
many of the ideas that are being discussed in net forums and conferences
around the world.

Hamos sees his new work as a mirror, a gateway to the open communication
space of the Internet. In this mirror, he feels that we have a chance to
choose our identity - be that our sexual reference, our political
status, or our hierarchical position in society. In this process, one
establishes connections with others in physical space. By being
physically present in his installation room MOBIUS CIRCUS, the EMAF
visitors could become intensely aware of the real/virtual dichotomy. We
also experience erotic moments by being juxtaposed within the circular
wraparound motion of two nude bodies, male and female, seemingly to be
chasing each other in an endless space-loop.