Final Daze

EMAF '96 has a longstanding position in the media art scene of Europe,
and for more than a decade has brought together the various disciplines
in a week-long international get-together of artists, curators and
critics. The festival has always tried to include what is popularly
called *state of the art* actions by groups, by individuals, and in
featured programs, alongside the more *traditional* media art
installations, videotape and special film programs.

This year, the addition of our TELEPOLIS NEWSROOM, an experimental group
activity created together with RHIZOME INTERNET, brought home the
problems that face those of us who personally interface to the NET
regularly. Namely: Information overload, organization of the information
we take in, and the overwhelming urge –need– to respond in a timely

Therefore, on the final day of the festival, I find myself running about
to be in the presence of ART, after a few days of frustrating
organizational duties and connectivity crisis. Through it all were the
many conversations with friends and artists, many of whom I can only
meet IRL during festivals. Now, it is time to download!