Art and design at the intersection of culture and technology

10am-6pm September 13-17 1996 at The Tannery,
57 Bermondsey Street, London SE1, London Bridge BR
(Northern line not running south bound)
******Performances: Saturday, 14 September 7-8pm***********

New work by sixteen artists and designers made using computer
programming make up this show devoted to interrogating the relationship
between system and user, information and aesthetics. Works on display
range from Internet sites to video games to installations incorporating
sculpture, video interaction, dynamic sound and robot bulldozers. This
four day exhibition takes place at the Tannery, a converted industrial
space, well known on the art circuit for its progressive exhibitions

Challenging the look and feel imposed by commercial computer programs,
these artists and designers use a range of the latest technologies
including Java, html and C programming, to find a personal language to
explore their concerns. Part techie, never nerdy, this show contains
work that examines the spaces between the domains labelled art and
technology. Control Shift Escape offers computer-mediated spaces for
computer-mediated cultures. Bored of point-and-click? Close those
windows, eject your CD-ROM, open your eyes and ears, and plug in your

For more information: contact Lucy Kimbell
Tel.: 0181-362-5075

Main Sponsor: Sutton Jones Multimedia
Sponsors: Webmedia

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