The new folk art

Paul Warren wrote:

(quoted from FuturelessFuture, Introductory Essay section) "In fact, the
web is now blossoming with computer culture artists who have created a new
type of folk art. And as with most folk-based artists, they can often
strike at the heart of meaning with a fierce integrity which is technically
and emotionally "off-limits" to the more trained artist. I decided that
FuturelessFuture would not honestly reflect the future of art without
including an artist (Larry Auerbach) who worked within the context of the
computer culture while disregarding the more conventional art world….

Kenseth Armstead wrote:

…Regarding the quote below, are there any other sites and artists that
fulfill the criteria described. If so, please send me a note with the urls
or post them to the

Paul Warren replied:

Well, first of all, I am amazed in a positive way at your reply. I really
didn't think anyone would care about all those awkward Photoshop hackers
who are bloating the web with some of the worst art the world has ever seen
and yet who can sometimes make a good one. Actually, Larry is quite the
exception because he is one of the few computer culture artists who does
have the ability to make some strong images.

I really don't have a list of the sites I've bumped into. I used to see a
ton of them when Yahoo was trying to list everything that made it onto a
server. I haven't cruised there in so long that I don't know if its
possible to find that kind of art there anymore. My guess is that this
stuff will soon be an artifact of the early web and unlike the bad
paintings which end up in the corner of the garage, they will simply
disappear into digital dust.

BTW, I wonder if someone has a site of bad art links. That would definitely
be a kitschy popular idea that would generate a lot of hits. I admit that
I'm too elitist to do it. I have really low tolerance for kitsch.