Re-launch of

Rhizome is pleased to announce the re-launch of our website. Take a look and let us know what you think:

Our goals for the re-design were to expand and enrich our community features and to make the overall site more clear and easy to use.

Below are a few very exciting (well, we think so) new developments.

1) We upgraded our main community platform =96 our email list raw – by separating it into three distinct channels: discussion, opportunities and an arts calendar. These three channels are web-based, i.e. you must post to them online, but they can all be subscribed to via email and RSS.




The exchange of art and ideas around a new medium has always been at the core of Rhizome. We hope that our new discussion forum will spark more critical conversations, and that our community will find the new calendar and opportunities channels to be useful connecting points to the field.

NOTE for subscribers to raw: You are now subscribed to both discussion and announcements (calendar and opportunities). If you'd like to switch up your subscriptions, sign into Rhizome and go to subscriptions in your account. You will still be able to post to Rhizome via email January 15, 2008. We wanted to give people time to adjust to the new system.

2) We improved our individual profile pages so people could better represent their art, influences and writing on Rhizome. Below is a sample page from one of our staff members:

As you can see above, we enhanced the portfolio section, and added areas for members to upload their own audio, video as well as link to their own blog.

While we were making improvements to these individual pages, we decided it would be best to make our Member Directory a general feature, i.e. open to everyone. It has been re-titled Profiles and now encompasses our members, and also the artists in the ArtBase, and others who've signed up.

INSTRUCTIONS: If you'd like to fill out your profile, sign in and adjust the sections under Profile in your account.

3) In general, we oriented the site around our two core organizational values: art and community. The site is now more 'visually' art-centered; see our emphasis on art on the front page and look forward to more illustrative views of our online archive, the Artbase.

It is thanks to member support that Rhizome has reached this point and also been able to lay down a strong foundation for new features to come. It is also thanks to our director of technology Patrick May who produced the site and laid a strong foundation for future development. We'd also like to thank the design firm Gelo Factory for their collaboration.

So, please give us feedback! Tell us what you like, don't like or want more of. And, please be patient with us as we work out bugs and, when you stumble across any, let us know: [email protected] .

Thank you so much for your continued support and participation. We hope you like the new and improved .

Lauren Cornell
Executive Director


, Steve OR Steven Read

Hey, from what I've seen thus far I'd say site looks and functions superbly! Nooiiiicce!

, Lauren Cornell

thank you so much, steven.

, Lauren Cornell

thank you so much, steven.

, Steve OR Steven Read

Hey, from what I've seen thus far I'd say site looks and functions superbly! Nooiiiicce!

, joy garnett

Wow – it's really great. Big congrats!

, Eric Dymond

Nice work

, Aron Namenwirth


, Lauren Cornell

hi! thanks so much for the positive feedback. it means the world to us! the site is a bit buggy at the moment.. please let us know if you run across any problems.. :)

, nathaniel stern

lauren - should we mail bugs to patrick, to the list, to you? (for example, i can't seem to replace my icon/photo).
considering it's just been launched, the bugs seem minimal; less than minimal. have been procrastinating my 'real' work and uploading various content for the last hour… ;) when you said big changes were coming, i had no idea!

, Lauren Cornell

thx nathaniel. we can reproduce these two. in the future, it would be great if you directly emailed patrick – and copied the error message. thx so much

, t.whid

Hi all,

Wrote a little summary. It's here.

, Katharina Birkenbach

congratulations to the update of!

but actually i have some remarks. it happened today for the first time that i tried to add a project to the database, and i found it rather hard to do so. it wasn't a real piece of art, but more a cooperative cultural project, which might be the problem. nevertheless i ended up making a small gif of a photo, not being able to add more image material and with the necessity to add a biography of the artist to it. this biography is now displayed on my own profile, which i find rather irritating.

anyhow, i guess, what my main point is, that i would really love to see a bit of a less restrictive structure, that allows people to show their work a bit more individual and to enable them to focus on things which are important for them. same goes for the profiles, where an easier and more intuitive way to edit things would be great.

but still, nice work!