NEW MEDIA ART: The Wiki Book

I am pleased to announce that New Media Art, a book written by Mark Tribe and Reena Jana (published by Taschen in 2006) is now available online as an open-source wiki book:

This version of the book is not meant to be a substitute or replacement for the print version, but rather an expandable and revisable online educational resource.

I encourage you to take a moment to view the wiki book, which currently contains and introduction to the topic of new media art and 35 new media artist profiles. Feel free to update, revise and expand its contents.

Also, please let others know about this resource.


Mark Tribe

// jonCates Nov. 12 2008 18:04Reply

it seems that the New Media Art book/wiki is down currently @…?

// jonCates Nov. 14 2008 15:13Reply

ok, seems the New Media Art book/wiki is back up again on…