ASEAN New Media Art competition 2006

I'm not part of this in any way, I just found it and thought I would
share it. The exhibition seems to be this December, at Indonesian
National Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia.

ASEAN New Media Art competition 2006

Theme : Interaction in Cultural Diversity

Within the cultural realm of Southeast Asian region, historical bonds
and kinship are usually acknowledged because of the similarities in the
people's living tradition: Local beliefs, languages, religion, arts,
etc. Such commonalities have been understood in relation to the past
cultural landscape and a number of native civilization that shaped the
region before the colonial era.

Today, however, the variety of economic, social and cultural roles after
the modernization, industrialization and the post-colonial status of the
Southeast Asian countries have situated the region in specific
circumstances that may not exist elsewhere. The diversity of culture in
Southeast Asia is indeed unique. It may be identified as a crossroad
between the legacies of people's tradition, historical encounters among
different communities within the region itself, and the recent rapid
changes due to the social, economic, technological and new global
information orders.

One important role played by the recent new media technology is to
bridge the differences by providing tools for information exchanges.
Technological developments of this kind, especially generated by the use
of computers and television, have further given rise to a new model of
interaction. However, due to its global compulsion of uniformity, such
as in the language and equipments, the new media also threatens to
obliterate the diversity in the region.

This competition invites artworks that respond to this problematic

Works that explore models of new media presentation in the following
Moving Images: video, animation, film, and other computer-generated
moving images (maximum duration: 15 minutes)
Interactive Works: interactive CD/DVD-ROM presentation, interactive
web-based presentation, computer-based and other computer-generated
interactive work
Must be accessible with computer (PC/Mac)
Must be made within the last three years (2003-2006)

ASEAN member nations: (
Brunei Darussalam

Brett Stalbaum, Lecturer, PSOE
Coordinator, Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts Major (ICAM)
Department of Visual Arts
9500 GILMAN DR. # 0084
La Jolla CA 92093-0084