[Fwd: THE INTERPRETIVE ENGINE launches in Fresno June 9th]

Drifted into my inbox today… looks very cool.

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a site-specific interpretive narrative by Jeff Knowlton, Naomi
Spellman, and Brandon Stow

THE INTERPRETIVE ENGINE will go live in Fresno, California on June 9, 2006.
As part of a series of site-specific projects organized by the Fresno
Metropolitan Museum, this generative narrative relies on Wi-Fi to tell
a story specific to user location. Mapping and astronomy resources,
environmental data, local google, etc., provide a bridge between the
story and the physical location. The negotiation of remote databases
uncovers larger issues of social control and power among
governmental, commercial, and common interests. For information and
to view the project starting June 9, go to http://engine.34n118w.net.

Starting June 9, the story unfolds in three chapters at three
locations in Fresno. The first chapter sited at the SANTA FE DEPOT in
Downtown Fresno will be available through any Internet connection on
this webpage.

The other 2 locations