All Systems Go at Scope Fair-NY

Hello. If you plan to be in New York during the flurry of art fairs, this
week and next, I hope you'll stop by the Scope fair to say hello and check
out Rhizome's exhibition, All Systems Go. The show will be in the
Cinemascope space, which is masterminded by Rhizome member Lee Wells.

Details below…

At The ~Scope Art Fair
March 10-13, 2006
Cinemascope Gallery, 11 am - 8 pm
636 Eleventh Avenue, at 46th Street, NY

Part of the Curator's Choice program at this year's Scope-New York Art
Fair, All Systems Go features high-tech, low-tech, and hybrid work
exploring digital, representational, political, and social systems. This
exhibition constitutes an expansion of Rhizome's mission to connect art
and technology. The artists comment on systems, in their various forms,
with works ranging from computer, video, and electronic installations to
drawings, paintings, and sculpture. Here, technology is not the sole tool
or object at play, but is often an indirect subject-