Breaking the Game Symposium

Via Wayne Ashley:


From March 15 - 25, 2006 digital artist Thomas Soetens (Workspace
Unlimited), architect Kora Van den Bulcke (Workspace Unlimited), and New
York curator/producer Wayne Ashley present Breaking the Game Symposium, a
free online event that brings together competing theorists and
practitioners to debate and reflect on virtual worlds, computer gaming,
immersive technologies, and new possibilities for artistic practice and

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The symposium will open up the art of game modification to the
contingencies of everyday life, where interactive technologies
increasingly mediate physical spaces and human movements in very complex
and dynamic ways. Participants will consider gaming and other virtual
technologies in relationship to building and designing cities, navigating
and experiencing urban life, constructing identities, and creating and
maintaining social interaction. We encourage participation through
multiple formats including text, video interviews, phone blogging, images,
animation, and virtual walkthroughs.

Breaking the Game symposium has three themes: