Submit to ISEA 2006 Symposium

Dear Rhizomers,

As a member of the planning committee for the 2006 ISEA Symposium, in San
Jose, CA, I would like to encourage you to submit proposals in one of two

The Symposium Call for Participation for Papers and Presentations can be
found here:
The deadline for submission is January 15.

The Call for Participation for Workshops can be found here:
This call is open until January 31st.

As you may know, ISEA is one of the most important symposia and new media
festivals. In particular, symposium chair Joel Slayton has been working to
make the 2006 symposium a new kind of conference that excitingly
transcends the model of traditional academic conferences.

On top of this, the festival itself promises to be a ton of fun (in the
California sun), so you don't want to miss an opportunity to participate.



, Eric Dymond

so how come, no one at ISEA has the nerve to present The Doorway
( as I had asked so many years ago.
today, everyone is as surreal/dada/nuts as as I am(and always have been!), and yet, a simple call for 20 monitors is TOO MUCH to ask!
I tell you, there is no respect in the new media community!
Honestly…, isn't it time?
Haven't I given too much?
Don't I bleed like you do?
Don't I cry like you do?
Don't I laugh like you do?

For once, I would like some closure!!!
I quote from the original document (March 1996)
"This project is public property.I would imagine it could be even more effective if it was viewed using twenty monitors(one monitor for each table).If you want to execute the work this way simply strip the html and make each table a URL.This would yield 400 URL's and although that sounds like a lot,I imagine the programming would still be quite easy."
How long do I have to wait????
oh well…., maybe next year
ah, i suffer so long for so little.
Eric Dymond