Fictional Reenactment of Failure

Greetings, Rhizomers.

Since so many of you were so incredibly supportive during my American Idol
audition training phase, I thought I'd let you know that DV Blog is now
hosting the fictional reenactment of my audition, here:

Many, many thanks to DV Blog for the hosting…

If ever you wanted to see your Rhizome editor looking silly and singing
poorly, this is your chance!

At my multiple auditions, the producers had a camera person following me
around and tracking my every move, mostly because of the press that my
blog had generated. But I think they decided to cut the footage when they
realized I was making fun of them, so I made this nine-minute video,
instead. (So far, no cease & desist orders!)

Anyway, the blog of my training is here:

My statement is here:

And the video is here:

Happy new year, everyone!