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New Media - Foundations and Futures

NEW MEDIA: Foundations and Futures

Six years ago an NYU CAT-sponsored project began
to create a resource for understanding new media's
foundations - aimed at educators and students,
scientists and artists, critics and journalists.

Announcing a celebration of

The New Media Reader (MIT Press, 2003)

featuring two advisors to the project:
- Ken Perlin, scientist, designer, and artist
- Christiane Paul, curator, publisher, and author
in discussion with Noah Wardrip-Fruin and
Nick Montfort, editors of The New Media Reader
(for sale at a 1/3 event discount: $30)

// Wednesday // March 19 // 7-9pm
// NYU Center for Advanced Technology
// 719 Broadway, 12th floor, NYC

The New Media Reader collects
articles, essays, images, and other documents
about the development of the computer
as a means of expression - as well as
functioning new media objects (from Eliza
to Missile Command) and digitized video
(from Engelbart's 1968 demonstration to
Lynn Hershman's Lorna)

Wednesday's event will include discussion of
The New Media Reader, presentations of
new projects from Ken Perlin and
Christiane Paul, conversation about how
new media's past can inform its future,
and light refreshments

Ken Perlin
is co-director of both the NYU CAT and
NYU's Media Research Laboratory; as well as
a major figure in computer graphics,
animation, and human-computer interaction;
and winner of a technical Academy Award for
"Perlin Noise"

Christiane Paul
is the Whitney Museum of American Art's
adjunct curator for new media; as well as
the publisher of the new media journal
Intelligent Agent; and author of Digital Art
(forthcoming from Thames and Hudson)

// Wednesday // March 19 // 7-9pm
// NYU Center for Advanced Technology
// 719 Broadway, 12th floor, NYC
// http://www.cat.nyu.edu

// More information about The New Media Reader,
// including excerpts: http://www.newmediareader.com