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SOURCE web screenings

SOURCE: an exhibition of media art installations
presented by the 16th annual Images Festival

SOURCE creates a forum for considering the genesis of media art projects
and the process of their realization. This shared exhibition of 14 artworks at 11 venues easily insinuates itself within other curatorial programs because of the provisional nature of its mission: the creation of a temporary new media-tization.

a three-week streaming series of SOURCE artworks at
set times for three upcoming Thursdays.

this Thursday March 20
0900 until 2100 hours

"And So Departed (Again)" by Judy Radul
An unedited broadcast of a 12 hour performance.

In "And So Departed (Again)", Vancouver artist Judy Radul had five directors work with a single artist to create their version of the same dramatic scene. For twelve hours (the normal time of a film or tv shoot) the directors instruct the actress to die, over and over again. What remains hidden in the final presentation is a seemingly endless series of actions necessary for the creation, not of the perfect scene, but of the actress' exhaustion.
@ YYZ Artists Outlet 09 April to 24 May
a Charles Street Video Residency

GOTO next Thursday March 27
1800 until 2100 hours
"Sorting Daemon" by David Rokeby
Live feed from the first few hours that the installation is open.

GOTO Thursday April 03
1800 until 2100 hours
"Artist-Astronaut" by Debra Solomon
Video interviews with previous artist-astronaut applicants.


Charles Street Video, Interaccess, YYZ Artists Outlet, Rhizome.org
Trick Media/Dmytri Kleiner and Lewis Kaye