Speech to text poetics project

Dearest all,

I've recently finished the first few poems of a speech
to text poetics project. And the resulting poems are
PRINT based so I'm attempting a return to paper. The
website below has a description of the project and
links to the first few poems. But briefly: I take
media files (speeches, movies, ambient noise, radio
etc.) and record the audio through a speech to text
program. The program, being trained to my voice, reads
everything wrong and spits out these long single
spaced files of awkward text and phrases loosely based
on the original. Think of it as a translation of a
translation of a translation of a translation


, Lewis LaCook

thankz—my thawts xactly on this—got a twinge of
annoyance at this comment, but, having produced and
automated a lot of cut and paste surrealism (which,
honestly, owes less to surrealist games than to a more
materialist view of language), understand the
impatience many feel when confronted with texts that
do not immediately resolve to nineteenth century
paradigms –
jason–excellent project in "translation" (and niice
page design, btw)–would love to see a software
version of this, a speech to text engine that was
written to misinterpret—nice exercise in the gray
area of authorial control–

— mIEKAL aND <[email protected]> wrote:
> I wonder if "cut and paste Surrealism" is at fault
> here or if it is
> just a case of non-interesting non-engaged writing.
> I tire of
> narrative structures & representational imagery that
> has been repeated
> for 1000s of years ad nauseum, but occasionally I
> see someone bringing
> a fresh perspective to the mix.
> Also, for me, if a text or a project doesn't make me
> "work" to pull
> together associations, juxtapositions, threads etc,
> it strikes me as
> passive consumerism, having each bite of content in
> manageable & easily
> swallowable capsules.
> On Apr 15, 2005, at 2:02 PM, edwardpicot wrote:
> > I quite easily tire of cut-and-paste surrealism,
> where you
> > find yourself kind of jumping from word to word
> and phrase to phrase
> > trying to make pseudo-sense of the bizarre
> juxtapositions - a form
> > of mental gymnastics - and in the end you feel
> rather exhausted and
> > frustrated, with a sense that it's you that's
> doing all the hard
> > work and the writer has copped out. A little of it
> can be very
> > refreshing, a lot of it very jading.
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