Young media art from Romania

[R][R][F] 2004 —>XP ~ E-Journal - Vol.3
editorial at the end of this text—>
1 [R][R][F] 2004 —>XP - News!!
2. Young media art from Romania
The physical presentation of [R][R][F] 2004 —>XP
—>net based global networking project<—
is currently still running until 30 April at
National Museum of Contemporary Art Bucharesti/Romania
1. News
a) [R][R][F] 2004 —>XP in Chicago? //
Yes, the global networking project has now another connection to Chicago
and is participating in in the .net section of
Version>04 Festival Chicago/USA
16 April - 01 May 2004

b) On occasion of this participation, [R][R][F] 2004 —>XP
includes net based works of following artists., David Guez, Karla Brunet, Francisco Lopez and Irvis Gonzalez.
Their works can be found in following "Memory Channels"
IdentityChannel, VideoChannel, and ProgramChannel on

2. ~E-Journal - Vol.3
is featuring "Young media art from Romania"

The participation in the Chicago based festival was an excellent occasion
to do this

a) by including another curatorial contribution from Romania
[R][R][F] 2004 —>XP is proud to launch
"Local connection"
Raluca Velizar and Florin Tudor
(both curators at National Museum of Contemporary Art Bucharesti/Romania)
curate video works by Calin Dan, Szabolcs KissPal, Nita Mocanu, Patatics
Florin Tudor & Mona Vatamanu, Oana Felipov & Aurel Cornea

"Local Connection" from Romania is the first of a series of
curatorial contributions from many countries on the globe
which are prepared especially for "VideoChannel" on [R][R][F] 2004 —>XP
and deal with the subject "memory and identity".

The streaming video works and detailed biographical info
about the curators and artists can be
accessed directly via
or alternatively
DSL broadband Internet connection required

b) by spotlighting
"Young Romanian Guns" -
the contribution of netart curated by Calin Man and Stefan Tiron (Romania)
especially for [R][R][F] v.2.0 on [R][R][F] 2004 —>XP.
access directly via
or alternatively
As a " project"
"Young Romanian Guns" has an interesting construction
as there are two curators which have different tasks
Calin Man - curator as interface,
who created to curatorial and artistic environment of this contribution
Stefan Tiron - curator as curator,
who was looking after the selection of the participating artists and works.
The statements of both may give a better understanding:
1. Calin Man
Romanian Young Guns
a project

For me the position of a curator is an accidental one. My real identity is
to tell stories using images.
For this reason I chose a young curator fascinated by the romanian
underground art scene
and he selected five artists (see the statement). As a "curator",
I proposed an interface for all the projects as a shared background for the
future memories.
2. Stefan Tiron

FIVE TIMES x_x x_x x_x x_x x_x

This project brings together five original, celebrated and completely
unknown Romanian-based net!slaves?.

Some say they 'died' when they joined the ever-growing ranks of recruits
plunging into the hell of Advertising Industry, webdesign, clubland, CGI and
post-production. Some say they are now explorers of the outer reaches of
pain&pleasure associated with the most brain-draining and art-munching
industries in Romania.

They make a living but they never care to participate at festivals; their
festivals are between themselves and their former art-school companions who
blame them for joining the ranks of paid bounty hunters. Most of the time,
as long as the client pays and gets hooked up in their maverick schemes,
they don't care about the consequences. Sergiu Negulici, Milos Jovanovic,
Chincisan Valentin, Catalin Rulea, Daniel Gontz are separate and highly
productive links uniting the art world with the corporate evils. Their
survival rate is high and they usually learn to deal with their own past and
their present goals.

They prefer to discuss about the last rip-off more then they care about the
latest curatorial concept. They remember their video game/comic book/cartoon
childhood and this helps them to deal with their current animated,
computer-based situation. Shaping mass cultural products makes them feel at
home where most people suffocate - during the TV ad breaks. They repress
their dislike for their mostly conservative clientele and they always
consider that their best projects are the ones who lie in the fat garbage
bins waiting a festival resuscitation. They are computer freaks and they
have huge, unbearable memory chips with mp3s, animations, and rip-off movies
that they won't probably get to consume during their lifetime. They never
forget to check it out while they design their latest webpage and so they
never stop downloading.

Participating artists:

a) Sergiu Negulici
b). Milos Jovanovic
c) Catalin Rulea
d). Daniel Gontz
e). Valentin Chincisan
a) Sergiu Negulici —> work title: 'Revenge'

1989-1993 Tonitza College of Art Bucharest, Romania
1993-1998 Academy of Art - Bucharest, Romania .
'Revenge' tells the story of making out rough with the guys from
Because I love the way their entrails seem to sprout into magma flows of
guts and reddish jelly.
Human flesh lies scattered in front of perpetual misfortune: forget your
friendly moves.
b). Milos Jovanovic —> work title: "Hardcomics"
My sister finished the art school. I didn't.

I did my first hard earned money when I was 12, selling video game rip-offs.
I started Photoshop with the 2.5 version., I've seen David Carson in 1995.
I fell in love with Emigre in 1996., Then came the Internet.
The Hardisco concept was born., Tool is not important. Concept baby,
Fat fonts are cool, but don't forget the Swiss grid. Fuck the Russian
classics. Hai haiku!
"Hardcomics" is our comic division. It already published comic books by
Roman Tolici (2002)
and OMULAN/Matei Branea (2003). It plans to publish a third hardcomics
number with contributions by several previously un-released Romanian comic
book creators.
c) Catalin Rulea —>work title: The meat-mincing machine

He is about the only person designing the layout for alternative Bucharest
freezines and
parasitic periodicals free of profit. Has good connections with the graffiti
crews in Ploiesti.
His extracurricular activities involve making funky, bollywood
country-western prints
on T-shirts and lots of other martial icons with bold circular rims.
The meat-mincing machine is a grinding device able to churn all kinds of
data -
it is meatifying everything, it's manual and you better not get your fingers
Some people suspect it's some sort of perpetuum mobile XXXmedia rotor. God
save The Machine & Co.LTD!
d). Daniel Gontz —> work title: Videoclip for DJ Vasile

Gontz is always on the run from the cultural
He is a young artist that lives and works between Vienna and Bucharest.
He studied at the photo-video department of the Bucharest Art University and
presently studies at the Fine Arts University in Vienna.
He is also organising parties, having close links to the clubworld and the
alternative scene in Bucharest and Vienna.
He initiated the Hotel Gontz project (watch the Name!) and
is certainly one of the best Romanian VJs ever to grace the screens,
having various live collaborations with Romanian and foreign DJs.
e). Valentin Chincisan —>work title: Underconstruct

Works in a huge room full of computers where happy, shiny slaves keep on
punching the cards and has a keen eye for behavioural changes affecting the
extra-white collar technocrats. He is always ready and could quickly figure
our your programming faults.

"Underconstruct" is not a sub_construct like so many others - it has a rich
and growing linkage list with heavy Intersections of Art, Technology,
Science & Culture as well as a work in progress Berlin Data Base with
various unrecorded events from the under construction-site capital of
Europe. It is all about repressing your insecurities concerning the art
take-over by technologically-minded people.