see this film!

greetings fellow rhizomians,

below, another message from the fabulous lynn hershman about
technolust. lynn worked long & hard on this, collaborating with a
number of brilliant media artists (have you see the agent ruby
site?!) and it would be rad if you, yours, and theirs went to the
screenings and notified their bay area contacts about the screening…

it's all about community, right?

Dear Friends,

This is a very exciting week for us. Our box office numbers in our
second weekend will be used to determine how we will roll out
nationally. If you have not seen the film already, join us this
weekend! Josh Kornbluth and I will be present at screenings at both
the Opera Plaza Cinema and the Shattuck Cinema this Saturday
afternoon, I'll be there Friday night!

Thank you for your support.



Opera Plaza Cinemas - 601 Van Ness (at Golden Gate), San Francisco
Shows Wed-Thurs 3:00, 5:30, 8:00 Fri-Mon 2:00, 4:45, 7:15, 9:40
Tickets are $9.25 and available at the Opera Plaza box office

Josh Kornbluth & Lynn Hershman Leeson in person Saturday, August 30th
at the 2:00 show!

Shattuck Cinemas - 2230 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley (510)843-FILM
Shows daily at (12:45) (3:00) 5:05 7:20 9:40
Tickets are $9.25 and available at the Shattuck box office beginning 8/19

Josh Kornbluth & Lynn Hershman Leeson in person Saturday, August 30th
at the 3:00 show!

official film site:

also: http://

Selected Teknolust Reviews August 22-25

**** KCBS

****Twisted and sexy, smart witty and funny. Tilda Swinton will knock you
out, Jan Wahl , KRON.

****The film is too clever and innovative to spoil it with over-description.
The viewer needs a first-hand experience. I loved it-the small touches
are great, from the girls' fingernails to Ruby's "dream portal" on the
Web. Technologically fresh..

*** Tilda Swinton, impeccable and witty, plays four characters in this
imaginative fantasy. Sci-fi rarely has been so playful.
– E. Guthmann, SF Chronicle

***Like "The Rocky Horror Picture Show," "Teknolust" is so smart and so
odd it seems perfect for cult status with its colorful, clinical view
of sex, technology and donuts – as well as a brilliant performance
by Tilda Swinton as scientist Rosetta Stone and her three clones,
Olive, Marine and Ruby.

If ever there were a homegrown movie perfect for smart folks hiding
out from summer blockbusters and gubernatorial recall shenanigans,
this is it.

There's a dream logic at work here, made dreamier by the music of
Gladiator co-scorer Klaus Badelt… For a lead actress, Teknolust is
perhaps the ultimate showcase, and Swinton takes the ball and runs
with it. When the three duplicates spontaneously break into a surreal
dance number to impress theircreator, it's like Bizarro-World
Charlie's Angels, albeit with more true spontaneity than anything in
the soggy summer sequel it plays
off of.

Marisa S. Olson
Associate Director
SF Camerawork
415. 863. 1001