AGITATE/Happening @ Camerawork

Dear All,

AGITATE is now open at Camerawork and I cannot tell you how excited I
am about the show. (!!) Since they began planning it before I started
working here, I don't feel too shameless in telling you it's one of
the best exhibits I've seen in years and I am very proud to be
associated with it. I hope that you can all come check it out. Below
is a description of the show. You might want to come see it this
Tuesday evening, when we will host a "Happening" by Jean-Phillipe
Baert, an intensely brilliant young Parisian artist. All info below.
I hope to see you! ~marisa

Happening - Jean-Philippe Baert
Tuesday, May 20, 7:30 pm
SF Camerawork, 1246 Folsom btwn 8th & 9th
Gallery opens at 7:00 pm

Jean-Philippe Baert describes his "Happening" as a tableau vivant in
progress. Using digital media as a raw material, Baert introduces his
body into the video transmission of images; suspending his 'being'
between analog and digital. By exposing a monitor with his likeness
onto a mural size sheet of photo paper, the subsequent transmission
of his digital 'being' is recorded and then developed before a live
audience in the gallery. $6/$4 members, students, and seniors

May 13-June 14, 2003, at SF Camerawork, 1246 Folsom
Curated by Dore Bowen & Chuck Mobley

Situating itself in the context of a "post-photographic" digital era,
AGITATE challenges photographic convention by exhibiting works that
reexamine, rebuild, or dispense entirely with the standard
photographic apparatus, often returning to antiquarian processes. The
majority of the artists in this exhibit eschew the camera altogether
while other artists concern themselves with inventing their own
photographic lenses, devices, and printing surfaces to further their
exploration of the medium. Still others incorporate a performative
aspect into the production of their images. The after-effects of
their purposeful interruption of traditional photographic processes
and technologies alter our perception of how the medium can be
manipulated to creative ends.

Artists: Heather Ackroyd/Dan Harvey, Jean-Philippe Baert, Marco
Breuer, Binh Danh, Kate Farrall, Diane Althoff, Carlos Motta, Roger
Newton, Ann Hamilton, Cynthia Young

Gallery Hours: 12-5 pm, Tuesday-Saturday Gallery Admission is F R E E
Gallery Talks are available for classes and community groups. Please
call to schedule: 415-863-1624 or e-mail
[email protected].

***Thank you, HOTEL TRITON, for sponsoring Agitate.***

Marisa S. Olson
Associate Director
SF Camerawork
415. 863. 1001