FW: Tune(In))) is here! Sat. March 1st.

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Tune(In))) is finally here!
Hope to see you on Saturday night.

Celebrate six years with free103point9's Tune(In)))

free103point9's Tune(In))) takes place from
8 p.m.- 2 a.m., Saturday, March 1 at the NY Center
for Media Arts in Long Island City, and features 60 sound
and video artists performing into six transmitters.

There will be no sound in the space. Performers will perform
into transmitters, not amplifiers. Attendees receive a radio
with headphones, to access the performances. They will also
receive a "schedule" listing what performances are on which
frequencies throughout the evening. Attendees then can choose
to listen to those frequencies, other commercial frequencies
available, or the minimal ambient room noise.

free103point9 Tune(In)))
Saturday, March 1
8 p.m.- 2 a.m.
@ New York Center for Media Arts,
45-12 Davis St. Long Island City, Queens,
one blk from P.S. 1
$12 and you get a radio with headphones
$7 if you bring a radio with headphones

We will only have 500 radios, so bringing your own
is best and much cheaper. We will not allow anyone
in without a radio with headphones.

Doors open at 7 p.m.

Performances on six channels

"Frequency Hopping" video projections in Main Exhibition Hall
and Exhibition Room One by Melissa Dubbin + Aaron Davidson
created specifically for Tune(In))).


Audio program curated by Squidco and Squid's Ear.
Engineered by David Brandt, Michelle Nagai, Len 37 Siegfried.
08:00 p.m.: CHANGES TO blind
08:45 p.m.: David Brandt
09:00 p.m.: DJ$shot (Mr. Dorgon)
09:45 p.m.: David Brandt
10:00 p.m.: Cooper-Moore
10:30 p.m.: Len 37 Siegfried
10:45 p.m.: Pamelia Kurstin
11:15 p.m.: Len 37 Siegfried
11:30 p.m.: James Fei/Kato Hideki
12:10 a.m.: Michelle Nagai
12:25 a.m.: Michael Schumacher
01:05 a.m.: Michelle Nagai
01:20 a.m.: Kenta Nagai


Engineer: Tom Roe.
08:00 p.m.: 100% Storms Ensemble
08:45 p.m.: Gregory Green
09:15 p.m.: Tom Roe
09:25 p.m.: Matt Valentine + Erika Elder
09:55 p.m.: Tom Roe
10:05 p.m.: Dan Brown (Hall of Fame)
10:35 p.m.: Tom Roe
10:45 p.m.: Xian Hawkins/Sybarite
11:15 p.m.: Tom Roe
11:25 p.m.: Jeremy Novak (Dymaxion)
11:55 p.m.: Tom Roe
12:00 p.m.: Carlos Giffoni (Monotract)
12:30 a.m.: Tom Roe
12:40 a.m.: The SB
01:10 a.m.: Tom Roe
01:20 a.m.: Double Leopards


An audio/video program presented in collaboration with
Electronic Arts Intermix.
Engineered by Galen Joseph-Hunter.
Program will repeat throughout the evening.
Klaus vom Bruch
Jeder Schuss ein Treffer (Every Shot a Hit),
1984, 9:30 min, color, sound.
Gary Hill
Mediations, 1979-86, 4:17 min, color, sound.
Sums & Differences, 1978, 8:24 min, b&w, sound.
Kristin Lucas
Involuntary Reception, 2000, 16:45 min, color, sound.
Nam June Paik and Jud Yalkut,
Video Tape Study No. 3, 1966-69, 4 min, b&w, sound.
Beatles Electroniques 1966-69, 3 min, b&w and color, sound.
Steina and Woody Vasulka
Noisefields, 1974, 12:05 min, color, sound.
Violin Power, 1970-78, 10:04 min, b&w, sound.


Engineered by Matt Bua (8 p.m.-11 p.m.) and Damian Catera (11
p.m.-2 a.m.), who will also provide interstitial programmings.
08:00 p.m.: COMP-CLASS (The Remedial Years):
Matt Bua, Ladislav Czernek, John Heneghan, Damian Leibold, Fritz
Welch, Christian Dautresme, Ryan Holsopple
09:00 p.m.: Chris Millstein (Home) + Rob Corradetti (Mr. Mixel
09:40 p.m.: Matt Bua's Suitcase Orchestra
10:00 p.m.: Seth Price
10:20 p.m.: Matt Bua's Suitcase Orchestra
10:40 p.m.: Skyline
11:20 p.m.: Ara Peterson + Jim Drain
11:35 p.m.: Ben Owen (Ting Ting Jahe)
12:10 a.m.: Damian Catera
12:20 a.m.: Chiaro Giovando
01:00 a.m.: Damian Catera
01:20 a.m.: SK-Pades: Brad Truax, Andrew Duetsch, Chris Millstein
01:50 a.m.: Damian Catera


Engineer is Seren Laibovitz.
08:00 p.m.: Japanther
08:30 p.m.: David Kay
10:00 p.m.: Scanner (prepared piece, not in person)
11:00 p.m.: 31 Down
11:20 p.m.: Kenny Goldsmith (WFMU)
12:30 a.m.: DJ North Guinea Hills
01:30 a.m.: Transmaniacon MC


A turntablist program presented in collaboration with Broklyn
Engineered and equipment provided by Broklyn Beats, who curated
9 p.m. to 2 a.m.
08:00 p.m.: Matt Mikas (free103point9)
09:00 p.m.: Criterion + doily (Broklyn Beats)
10:00 p.m.: I-Sound (Transparent, Full Watts, Ambush)
11:00 p.m.: Donna Summer (Cock Rock Disco, Irritant, Broklyn
12:00 a.m.: End (Hymen)
01:00 a.m.: Criterion + doily (Broklyn Beats)

Tune in to this informational channel for instructions on how to
Tune(In))) as you enter the space. 31 Down is creating this
instructional programming with sound effects and script by Ryan
Holsopple, voice by Heidi McElligott and additional sounds by
Matt Bua. This instructional programming will also play on all
six channels between 7 p.m., when the doors open, and 8 p.m.,
when the event begins.

We will be selling an extensive catalogue of this event for $5.
Many of the performers will be selling their music at
Squidco's merchandise table.
NYCMA will be running a bar.

For more information,
including exact directions with a map see:


Please post information about this show on your web site, or
forward this e-mail to your friends.

More information about free103point9:


Tune In: Sixth Anniversary Benefit for Free103point9
New York Center for Media Arts; Sat 1

Except for air, there may not be a single more ubiquitous
Substance tangible or otherwise-on earth than radio waves.
They're up high, down low, in your car and shower, and on
every lonely stretch of interstate. For six years, Williamsburg
independent radio station Free1O3point9operated by Tom Roe,
Matt Mikas, Galen Joseph-Hunter and a crew of volunteers-has
been realizing radio's potential on a local scale. Apart from
broadcasts ranging from music to community affairs, the Free103
umbrella also includes a performance space (which routinely
hosts clubworthy experimental artists in a DIY environment); a
label and recording studio; and information on events and
media activism at its website (www.free103point9.org). This
sixth-anniversary show outclasses Free103's previous efforts,
at least in vision. More than 60 artists, including experimental
jazz, folk and electronic musicians such as Matt Valentine,
Cooper Moore and I-Sound, will be in action during the course
of the evening-but the large room will be mostly silent. Instead
of blasting out of a P.A., the music will be spread over six radio
frequencies, beamed with enough power to fill the space but not
enough to tweak car radios driving past. Your admission gets
you a radio and headphones-though you're encouraged to save
five bucks by bringing your own and a program schedule. In case
you're still confused, an instructional loop will be broadcast on
AM 1610, just like traffic warnings on the Jersey Turnpike. In
keeping with Free103's approach to radio as an art form, not just
a medium, several of the performers will be incorporating
transmission themes into their pieces. More promising is a
repeating selection of visual artworks, culled from the archives
of Electronic Arts Intermix, which deals with the notion of
transmission, including two pieces by Nam June Paik and Jud
Yalkut from the '60s. As daunting as the proceedings may seem,
all you have to do is come; the popular mechanics at
Free103point9 have done all the work for you.-Mike Wolf



Feisty microradio collective free103point9 celebrates six years
of experimental audio transmissions with this unique radio-video
environment/party. Over 60 performers-including Sybarite,
Japanther, Scanner (pre-recorded), Jeremy Novak, Cooper-Moore,
James Fei, and Tom Roe-plug straight into six different transmitters
for a hair-straightening, silent-without-headphones smorgasbord
of sound. For your eyes, videos curated by Galen Joseph-Hunter ~
of Electronic Arts Intermix. ~ including works by Nam June Paik,
Kristin Lucas, and Gary Hill. Bring your own radio and headphones
or pay $5 more and rent one ~ there. NY Center for Media Arts,
45-12 Davis, Long Island City, Qns, 718-472-9414, - Sat at 8.

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