correction--call for entries: 'projects'

dear rhizomers, i guess these are the embarrassing things that happen
when we develop too many aliases and addresses… below is a cfe i
sent over the weekend, with the *correct* address:
[email protected] (not hotmail).

if you've sent me anything, please re-send to the correct address!
(and thanks to those observant souls who showed me the error of my
ways!) ~marisa



I am now accepting proposals for my participation in your project.
Please see project notes and restrictions, below.

PROJECTS is a project exploring conditions of authorship,
communication, 'art world' navigation, nepotism, and collaboration.

Organizers of projects reliant upon public participation or
collaboration may send project descriptions of no more than 500 words
directly to [email protected]. Descriptions must contain:

* Project Name
* Project Purpose
* Project Participants
* Project Medi(a)
* Project Exhibition Venues/Details
* Project Timeline

Marisa S. Olson's contributions to your project may include but are
not limited to: e-mails, voice recordings, text messages,
photographs, videos, art on paper, personal details, press clips,
documents, constructions, household objects, and food items.

PROJECT NOTE: Special attention will be paid to projects related to:
* No War
* Site-specificity
* Time and/or Memory
* Consumption

* Project organizers are encouraged but not required to list or
detail the fact or nature of Marisa S. Olson's participation.
* Marisa S. Olson will not claim authorship of your project.
* Marisa S. Olson reserves the right to claim participation (and
exhibition participation) in your project.
* Marisa S. Olson will cover all costs for the production and
"shipment" of project-related work.

There is no entry fee for submission to PROJECTS.
Submission materials may not be returned.

Marisa S. Olson
Associate Director
SF Camerawork
415. 863. 1001