symposium looking for anti-war artists

if you are interested in this, contact jennifer gonzales at <[email protected]>

>As part of the new Institute for Advanced Feminist
>Research at UC Santa Cruz, a group of faculty are organizing a spring
>symposium event on the topic of Feminism and Global War. The
>idea is to protest the current administration's foreign policy
>and also address the larger issue of what can be done by a determined
>group of feminists against the proliferation of global war
>policies by this and other militaristic governments. This is not going
>to be a traditional academic conference–it is intended to be
>a brainstorming, collaborative event that will
>culminate in public action.
>We are looking for feminist ARTISTS who are producing
>anti-war work and who would be interested in participating in the
>event April 18-19. We do not have a large budget, so we are
>hoping to locate artists in the area. However, if anyone on the list
>knows of good people to contact (even out of the area) or even just
>good work to look at, please let me know. And please feel free to
>identify yourselves or to voice your interest in participating
>even if you are not an artist.
>We are already aware of Women In Black, and we are
>looking for other feminist anti-war art groups/projects/ideas.

Marisa S. Olson
Associate Director
SF Camerawork
415. 863. 1001