ID/ENTITY @ SF Camerawork

February 18 - March 22, 2003
Curated by Marisa S. Olson & Christina Yang

This exhibition features a range of media art projects exploring how
artistic representations of "self" change with new technological
advantages. Taking queues from the history of photography, these
investigations look back at traditional portraiture and forward to
the future, tracing the effects of new technologies on the
genre–formally and with regard to cultural shifts in interpretation.

Artists: JD Beltran with Todd Kushnir, Jim Campbell, Paul Kaiser,
with Merce Cunningham, Marc Downie, and Shelley Eshkar, Joan Logue,
Julia Scher, Surveillance Camera Players.

**Collaborative Tele-Presence Exhibit, during Id/Entity's opening reception.
Tuesday, February 18, 5-8 pm

Ken Goldberg, Dez Song, Annamarie Ho, and Anthony Levandowski, of UC
Berkeley, are studying network-based systems that allow groups of
users to "explore" live remote environments such as a rainforest,
biotechnology lab, political rally, or art opening. The "Tele-Actor"
is a skilled human with cameras and microphones connected to a
wireless digital network. Live video and audio are broadcast to
participants via the Internet or interactive television. Participants
not only view, but interact with each other and with the Tele-Actor
by voting on what to do next.

ID/ENTITY was originally organized by MIT / Judith Donath and curated
by Christina Yang, director of media arts at The Kitchen, New York.
Generous support has been offered by the Beall Center for Art &
Technology, University of California, Irvine, and the Exploratorium.

SF Camerawork is a 28 year-old non-profit, artists' organization
whose purpose is to stimulate dialogue, encourage inquiry, and
communicate ideas about contemporary photography and related media
through a variety of artistic and educational programs.

Marisa S. Olson
Associate Director
SF Camerawork
415. 863. 1001