Polytech.Science.Art at Strelka 2015

  • Location:
    Strelka Institute, Bersenevskaya nab., Moscow, RU

Polytechnic Museum and Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design announce the launch of «Polytech.Science.Art» events at Strelka in 2015.

Moscow, 2015 — From the 6th to 28th of August Strelka Institute will host lectures, workshops, video screenings, meetings and performances of «Polytech.Science.Art» program formed by Polytechnic Museum. European and Russian media artists, curators, electronic musicians, engineers and researchers are among the participants of the project organized by the Polytechnic Museum and Strelka Institute in partnership with the Embassy of France in Russia and the Swiss Council for Culture «Pro Helvetia».

This year «Polytech.Science.Art» by Polytechnic Museum at Strelka introduce contemporary European media artists, curators and festivals such as French Disnovation and Videoformes, as well as Art&Science Department of the Sorbonne University, to its Russian audience.

As a first part — two-day plunge into the Parisian festival Disnovation. Its curator Nicolas Maigret will talk about «propaganda of innovation» and technological fetishism. Also artistic project Clémence de la Tour du Pin «Computer store ORIGINAL» will have its Russian premier at Strelka. Poster exhibition «Disnovation» will take place at the courtyard and the round-up of the Disnovation program will be seen as performances of Nicolas Maigret and special Swiss guest — Valentina Vuksic.

Program of one of the oldest French festival of video and digital arts Videoformes in Moscow will be presented by its artistic director Gabriel Soucheyre. He will give a lecture, present a special selection of video works of the festival related to the topic of technology and science. Gabriel Soucheyre will hold an open meeting with students of art schools and video artists followed by screening after preliminary selection to be shown at Videoformes in France.

A special project for «Polytech.Science.Art» at Strelka will be presented by artist and head of the Art&Science Department of the Sorbonne University, Olga Kisseleva. Implemented in cooperation with the Laboratory of interactive performance of the Polytechnic Museum, for two days, Olga will lead an open workshop, dedicated to staging an interactive performance «Self-organization» about oil. This performance will be organised with an open-call for performers. Media artists and curators who are interested in the nature of interactive performance and its relations with the scientific art can take part in the event as well.

Closing day of «Polytech.Science.Art» at Strelka will be held in partnership with one of the headliners of the festival Les Nuits Sonores — IN AETERNAM VALE. Electronic musician Laurent Prot will give a creative workshop about the synthesis of analog audio and modern scientific and technological components of the process of creating electronic music. The day will round up with the sound performance of Prot’s project IN AETERNAM VALE. The event is organized with the participation of the International Festival of Contemporary Music and Media Arts MIGZ/MIGZ.

The curator of the «Polytech.Science.Art» program of the Polytechnic Museum is Natalia Fuchs, an Art historian (MediaArtHistories, Donau Universität) and Cultural management expert (Cultural Management, University of Manchester).


For more information:

«Polytech.Science.Art» by Polytechnic Museum is the program of the Museum dedicated to one of the most significant phenomenons of contemporary culture — interdisciplinary cooperation of artists, scientists and technology specialists. In 2014 within the frame of «Polytech.Science.Art» program several workshops was held which illustrated practical examples of interaction between scientific technology and art in the modern world — with the participation of leading Russian and European media artists and curators. Results of the first year of the program were presented in December 2014 at the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art during Polytech.Science.Art Week. The final exhibition «Hopscotch» included seven works created within the frame of the program of creative workshops. In 2015, the program continues to run a series of workshops on the synthesis of science, technology and the arts; to finalize it during annual Polytech.Science.Art Week on December 7-13, 2015, at the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art. «Polytech.Science.Art» program by Polytechnic Museum was a finalist of the «Intermuseum» contest in the category «Best Educational Project» in 2015. Curator of the program — media art historian and expert in cultural management Natalia Fuchs.http://polymus.ru/eng/current_projects/psa.html

«Strelka» institute for media architecture and design — an international educational project, created in 2009. The Institute offers research program on urban studies and urban development to students from all over the world, engaged in consulting; it publishes books on architecture and design and each year organizes open summer programs. «Strelka» is the list of the top 100 educational institutions according to the Domus, and also acts as curator of the Russian pavilion of the Venice Architecture Biennale. Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Institute — Alexander Mamut. www.strelka.com