'The 1 Up Fever': Now Showing At The Unstitute + Call For Videos

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The Unstitute continues to offer monthly screenings of experimental videos. This month we have the pleasure of presenting an acclaimed video by

Silvia Dal Dosso
'The 1 UP FEVER'

From 15th March to 15th April

"In the Berlin city everyone is going crazy for a viral new app. Anyone with a smartphone can play a sort of Super Mario Bros arcade game in Augmented Reality and win Bitcoins by playing. One coin corresponds to 0.01 Bitcoins. Citizens' habits are tainted by the game. Coins are hidden all over the city, you can spot them just scanning around with your device, not always they are easy to grab."
“My aim was to raise questions: Where is this money coming from? Who are the developers of the game? Why do you think they're giving you money? What are they using your jumping, data-roaming, and geolocation-tracking for?”
From an interview with Motherboard magazine

Watch 'The 1 Up Fever':

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The Projection Room at The Unstitute was created to show experimental video art. Works are selected on the basis of their ability to provoke thought, reaction and engagement on the visual, audible and conceptual levels, whether in a positive or negative fashion. Videos are not selected on the basis of technical merit or aspiration to conventional standards.

Successful works will be screened for one month. Applicants may send as many works as they like - if selected, they will form part of a month-long roster. Your video/s will be promoted via international web channels.

If you would like to apply, please send a link to your video/s to theunstitute@gmail.com