The borderpanic project brings together artists and thinkers working on current preoccupations with geopolitical and metaphorical borders. Borderpanic is a co-production of the Performance Space, Sydney, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney and Next Five Minutes 5, Amsterdam.

5-21 September
Performance Space
Redfern . Sydney
Wed-Sat 12 -6pm
Opening 5/9 - 6pm

Performance Space exhibits work engaged in contemporary border debates, surveying across media and borders without attempting to catalogue the diversity of cultural production in the field. Participants include: Dacchi Dang, Horit Herman Peled, Kein Mensch ist Illegal (Germany), No-one Is Illegal (Melbourne), Ruth Watson, Brook Andrew, Bonita Ely, Jamil Yamani, Mel Donat, Bronia Iwanczak, Gordon Hookey, Guan Wei, Geert Lovink, Stephen Best, Hossein Valamanesh, Lisa Andrew, Peter Lyssiotis, Sodacake, Joseph Pugliese, Shafiq Munis,, Think Again, Jassim Al Abaddy, Steve Cannane/JJJ morning show, Trebor Scholz+Carol Flax, Borderland TV, Vivienne Dadour