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  • Location:
    online + centre Pompidou, Paris, FR

Monday September 23, 2013
8.00 pm Paris time find your local time

ReadingClub session
Based on a text by Mez Breeze
With Alan Sondheim, Curt Cloninger, Helen Varley Jamieson, Lucille Calmel and Pascale Gustin

You are welcome :

- Online http://readingclub.fr/
Just go there and wait for the performance to start. There is a chatwindow where you can exchange, discuss and comment the performance.

- at the BPI, centre Pompidou, Paris
Performance by Annie Abrahams and Emmanuel Guez
In the frame of Locating the Text - International Digital Literature Events

Reading Club proposes a text and an interpretive arena to 4 readers. These readers write together their reading of a text inside the text itself. The audience sees an evolving, cinematographic picture of thoughts and collaborative writing in the making.
Project supported by the Dicréam.

More information

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